Samstag, 31. Januar 2009

Jacobs Open 2009: Socials

We have successfully survived all preliminary rounds by now and are about to take off to the Pancake Ship. Let's hope we get there before Derek ... *kidding* - After that, it's off to "Stubu" ("Studentenbude" ... kind of like an untidy student apartment). I always thought that closed down after the last shooting there, but I have been assured that they have "security installations" there now ;) - Hope the participants left their firearms at home ...

A couple of notes on last night's social in supplement to Miriam's remarks from this morning:

+ Somehow the "Research II Tearoom" (don't ask) turned into a half-respectable location
+ Good music. Critical success factor covered.
+ The image of Ivan A. S. sleeping on the floor upon consumption of some of Bremen's finest

- No bunnies. The org teams needs to respect traditions better ... ;)
- Running out of spirits - not cool
- No Gin&Tonic. Repeat: No Gin&Tonic.

Improving shouldn't be hard, though ... just have a look at the drinks orders from '06 and '07. Or to put it with the words of The Lande, "Kira Grabner and Svetlina Kirilova rock the world".

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