Samstag, 31. Januar 2009

What's in a name ...

I feel that I have to rectify something on behalf of this blog ...

Jacobs University Bremen, formerly known as International University Bremen (IUB), was renamed in early 2007 as an act of gratitude following the largest ever private donation to an educational institution in Europe. As part of the name change, it was agreed to not again introduce an acronym - the official "abbreviation" of Jacobs University Bremen is therefore now "Jacobs University".

We, the clever students, have meanwhile found out why that is ... "JU Bremen" makes reference to the Junge Union Bremen, the youth organization of a major German political party; "JUB" - inter alia - refers to an adult entertainment platform known as "Just Us Boys". I am honestly not sure whether I should link to their site ... ;)

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  1. Ich finde sowohl einen Link zur JU Bremen, als auch zu "Just Us Boys" durchaus eine amüsante Vorstellung.


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