Sonntag, 22. November 2009

Cambridge IV: Results

And the Winner is: For English as second language (ESL): UCU A! The ENL Final wins Oxford LLM (Jonathan Leader Maynard and Shengwu Li).

Patrick Ehmann (Berlin Debating Union) is 3rd on the ESL tab! See the forthcoming official tab for all top speakers.


The ENL Final Teams in Cambridge were ULU A, SOAS A, Oxford LLM and Oxford CH. Judges of this final: Naomi (C), Alex, Beth, Doug, Lewis, Harish and Ranald.

And the motion for the ENL Final reads: THBT Western Nations should use military force to rescue journalists captured by the enemy.

Before this, the ENL-Semi-Finals are held with teams from: Oxford LLM, Oxford D, SOAS A, ULU A, TCD Hist A, Manchester A, MIT A and Oxford CH. The motion was: THBT the State should refuse to assist in rebuilding areas prone to natural disasters.

The four breaking the ESL-Teams run the ESL-Final with this motion: THW allow the conception of children using the sperm of someone who has died.

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  1. Thanks for your updates, and congrats to the winners!

    Who are debating for UCU?


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